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Enjoy Total Peace of Mind With a Prenuptial Agreement

Whether you are about to commence (or you are currently in) a marriage or de-facto relationship, you may wish to secure a mutual agreement that ensures – if the relationship was to ever end – both you and your partner would be financially secure, and your assets safeguarded as well.

At Norwest Family Law, we can assess your unique circumstances and help you draft a Binding Financial Agreement (the prenup) that offers total peace of mind. And, by making sure the arrangement is compliant with the Family Law Act 1975, neither of you will ever have to step foot in court.

The Process – What to Expect

In order for a prenuptial agreement in Australia to be legally binding, the following criteria must be met:

Your agreement can be as broad or as limited as you wish. You should also take into account potential life changing incidences that may crop up later. Such as the financial maintenance of children, future inheritances, property investments, and more. Doing so will save you an abundance of time, stress, and headaches later on.

David Chesters, owner and operator of Norwest Family Law, will advise you on all aspects of your prenuptial agreement and assure that both parties are happy and comfortable with the arrangement in place.

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Whether you wish to instigate the process of creating a prenup, or you have been requested to sign a prenup, get in touch with Norwest Family Law. Let us help you make a confident and informed choice.

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