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Is Dispute Resolution For You?

At Norwest Family Law, we help families in dispute come together to overcome a range of family law matters – such as parenting arrangements, the division of property, and much more – so they can achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

Our primary method of dispute resolution is mediation. This is where an impartial third-party (a mediator) helps you and others involved to negotiate with each other and resolve the family dispute.

David Chesters, owner and operator of Norwest Family Law, will prepare you and the family for mediation, and guide you every step of the way. This way, the journey is smooth sailing, and the final outcome is a mutually acceptable agreement.

Furthermore, we also offer legal support for families in dispute who need to attend Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), so they can receive the necessary certificate to progress to the court system.

Benefits of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation and FDR is an attractive option if you want:

Increased flexibility: Both mediation and FDR give all parties involved the freedom to reach their own agreement. Plus, mediators and FDR practitioners are legally not allowed to influence the terms of the agreement.

Greater privacy and confidentiality: Mediation and FDR sessions take place in a private, relaxed environment. So you are free of public scrutiny from the courts.

To save money: Alternative dispute resolution is far cheaper than going to court. In some cases, FDR may be free if you meet the criteria. We can also recommend reputable and cost-effective providers in your local area.

Reduced stress: Our goal is to make the dispute resolution process as easy as possible. Mediation and FDR is far less emotionally taxing than appearing in court. Plus, the sessions themselves are less formal, although they still maintain a suitable structure to keep each session productive.

To preserve the family relationship: By reaching mutually beneficial outcome, you will maintain a positive relationship with the family, and this can help you navigate through potential future issues with greater ease.

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