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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Sydney

Domestic violence, whether it be physical or emotional, is a serious criminal offence. It can negatively impact a person’s own personal safety, confidence, and wellbeing. The presence of children in an abusive relationship also presents its own unique challenges.

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence, you suspect you are a victim of domestic violence, or you have been served an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) or similar, contact Norwest Family Law for help today.

David Chesters, an accredited domestic violence lawyer in Sydney, will be happy to address your immediate concerns, provide expert legal advice, and – if necessary – obtain an AVO or similar order on your behalf.

Types of Domestic Violence

Below are just some of the many ways domestic violence can manifest itself:

Physical violence – This may include hitting, punching, slapping, pushing, throwing, or shoving, which may or may not involve the use of a weapon.

Sexual violence – Unwanted sexual behaviour such as groping, rape, force sexual contact, and forcing another person to perform sexual acts that cause pain, discomfort, or humiliation.

Emotional abuse – Acts to deliberately undermine a person’s confidence or make them feel unworthy. Some examples include frequent name-calling, making derogatory comments, spreading false rumours, constant swearing, and threatening physical violence.

Controlling behaviour – Any act designed to control or influence what a person does, how they spend their money, and the social groups they are allowed to interact with.

How We Can Help

If you are experiencing any of the above forms of domestic violence, seek legal advice from the best domestic violence lawyer in Sydney.

At Norwest Family Law, we can help you make sense of the situation, and determine the best course of action to help you escape violent behaviour.

One of the most effective ways to escape violent behaviour is to acquire an Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO). This offers protection from physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological, and emotional abuse, plus harassing and intimidating behaviour. We can help you apply for an ADVO or a similar order through the Magistrates Court, or your local police station.

If you have been served an ADVO, or another kind of restraining order, and you wish to know how to avoid breaching the terms of the order, we can advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities.

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If you are experience acts of domestic violence, you suspect you are a victim of domestic violence, or you have been served an ADVO or similar order – contact us today. David Chesters, your trusted divorce lawyer in Sydney, will gladly take your call.

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